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Beyond BDR: Step-by-Step from Entry-Level Sales to Your Promotion

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Most companies don’t prioritize career paths for entry-level salespeople

We've compiled all the resources and guides that you'll need to take control of your career path and get your company to promote you.

They continue their day-job without a promised path towards that next step. Soon, they may even start over somewhere else in hopes of better career path.

Worst - many leave sales because they just don't feel "cut out" for the work, and start again in a different industry

Say no more. I've been through that - twice.

The difference is that it took me two years to break through. You can have the same tools that I and dozens of others used without the trial and error.

Here's what you get:

✅ Proven Templates to Define Your Path

🔑To get where you're going, you'll need a map. And we'll help you build it by planning out your career in the near and long term, defining where your skills lie and where you need to go, and planning out a timeline to act on.

✅ Instructions on getting buy-in from your bosses and executives

🔑A how-to for getting your stakeholders on board with your plan and building accountability with your boss, potential future boss, and executive stakeholders.

✅ Access to the Slack Community

🔑Collaborate with others going through the same journey, and those who have succeeded for mentorship

✅ Interviews on Overcoming Roadblocks

🔑Whether it's delayed headcount, moving externally, or not hitting quota, someone else has been through it. We talk through these roadblocks and what you can do to move around up

✅ Free Updates, for life 🔑

It's like having a group of mentors for your promotion path so that you don't waste time. We'll share what we learned going through the process ourselves and give you templates to take action week-over-week.

Want to see the interviews?

We surveyed reps across a number of different roles, backgrounds, countries, and industries to see what the most common paths to success and failure are. The rest of the guide is built around addressing these interviews.

You can see the interviews for free by clicking this link

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Beyond BDR is a collection of stories, tools, and guides used by business development reps to go from entry-level cold callers to their dream roles as closers, managers, and more.


Beyond BDR: Step-by-Step from Entry-Level Sales to Your Promotion

0 ratings
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